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management skills test

How good a manager are you? Are you destined for great things – or destined only to be in charge of pencil sharpening?

Find out (and have fun at the same time) with this enjoyable but probing test.

  1. You have spent 3 months evaluating the new colour scheme in which head office is to be painted. Industrial psychologists universally recommend pale blue. On the day before you are due to report to the board, the chairman mentions to you that his wife has had a brainwave. She would like to see HQ painted coral pink as her psychic consultant has advised her it is the colour of success. Do you:-
  2. The sales department has just clinched the deal of a lifetime – worth £100 million. Everyone in the company is excited and feels their jobs are secured for the foreseeable future after a few lean years. Morale is at an all–time high and both sales and production have got a spring back in their step. You do some sums on the back of an envelope and find that the total cost of borrowing to re-tool the production line is such that your company will barely break even on the deal over the next three years and make only a small profit thereafter. Do you:-
  3. Your boss asks you to evaluate the potential of a merger with a competitor which both sides have discussed positively. You do a spreadsheet and find that there are major financial benefits to the merger. However, numerous jobs will have to go, including your own, which is very highly paid. Do you:-
  4. Your staff are becoming disgruntled at being asked to put in extra time more and more often, as times are tough. The Board has come up with a new initiative aimed at putting the company back on top but it’s going to mean asking your team to work late even more often in the coming months. Do you:-
  5. You are out having a quiet celebratory supper with your partner in an expensive Metropolitan restaurant. You realise that your Chief Executive is sitting a couple of tables away with someone that isn’t their partner and is becoming rather drunk, rather loud and is talking openly about confidential company matters. The Chief seems to have looked in your direction a few times. Do You:-